Bob Bowdige, born in Toronto, Canada in 1959, has enjoyed huge success with his finely detailed pencil illustrations of cats and dogs, since they were first introduced in the mid 1990's. Initially sold as framed prints, when applied to a range of textile homewares, the response was overwhelming. An untrained Artist, his natural talent and attention to detail captures our favourite pets as we all know and love them.

His illustrative style lends itself to a range of projects. He's worked in publishing and graphic design, with clients including Lloyds Bank (UK) and the BBC Doctor Who television series. Bob's love of sport (he still plays football twice a week) and his five children ensure there's never a dull moment. He lives on the south coast in Brighton, Sussex, UK, a fabulously creative city with a wealth of talented Artists, musicians, actors and writers...and good sports facilities!

 With the introduction of the new Farmyard series in 2014, applied to the same top quality Ashdene homewares, the Worldwide success is sure to continue.

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Casual Cats