Danguole Serstinskaja is an award winning artist from Lithuania who focuses on hyper realistic style. Danguole has lifelong experience as an artist, with skill ranging from academic art to impressionistic oil painting, and after producing hundreds of drawings and paintings of landscapes, animals and humans, she eventually found and developed a rare technique which perfectly aligns with her artistic desire to portray animals and people deeply, accurately and effectively. The said technique is applying oil on paper using dry paint brush.

Having mastered this technique, Danguole has gained a liberating amount of control over the intensity of shading and ability to add as much detail as she desires. She works layer after layer, until artistic vision if fulfilled, and the result is art with distinct tonal gradation, hyper realistic detail and contrast that makes the painting hard to distinguish from a photograph, enthralling many artists and collectors from various backgrounds.

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Feline Friends