Exciting Australiana Puzzles for All Ages

While puzzles have a reputation for being excellent for your brain, it’s also worth recognising them for what they essentially are: a fun activity for a relaxed night with family, friends or even when having a night to yourself. Australiana puzzles also make for a great souvenir, a gift to friends overseas or even a present to perk up an avid Aussie fan.

Whatever your activity or purpose, you are sure to find a perfect match from our exciting puzzles about Australia. We offer sets for all ages and difficulty levels, so grab yours today and let the games begin!

Need to find the perfect souvenir for your overseas friends or family? Or perhaps you’re looking for the best activity to while away the time as you undergo self-isolation. Whatever your situation, you don’t have to search far and wide to find enjoyable puzzles. Ashdene is your destination for all things puzzle Australia.

We offer puzzles with illustrations that showcase life in the countryside, Australia’s interesting birds, mammals and sea creatures, and even stunning images. These designs all come in 500-piece versions for beginners and 1000-piece sets for those who want some challenge. But most importantly, there are also 2000-piece jigsaw puzzles for those who wish to immerse themselves in an intense puzzle-solving session.

Feel free to explore our Australiana puzzles along with our ever-growing home collection.

Spice Up Your Game Night With These Fun Puzzles

At Ashdene, we love crafting items you’ll love gifting to your loved one – or even using yourself. This is why we get skilled artists, both locally and internationally, involved in our projects. It is our joy to provide you with fun puzzles sporting the hard work of the designers we work with.

Our puzzles about Australia will reward you with awe-inspiring images of the country’s landscapes, ocean and unique fauna once all the pieces are in. You can get up close and personal with the kookaburras with our 500-piece puzzle or appreciate the beauty of dolphins in their natural habitat with our 1000-piece puzzle. Of course, you can also fit 2000 puzzle pieces together to bask in the tranquillity of Australian farms.

Anticipate an enjoyable time with your friends and loved ones with Ashdene’s Australiana puzzles.

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