A Wide Selection of Tea Trays for The Perfect Tea Party

Snacks are as important as drinks during a tea party, so choosing a gorgeous tray to serve your sandwiches, cookies, and biscuits on is just as important as picking the proper tea set.

Whether you are shopping for sandwich trays to add to your collection or want to buy the perfect tea tray set for your loved one, you can find an exquisite item from our extensive selection.

Ashdene's teaware collection is specially curated to help you find the perfect piece to suit your needs. Browse our selection today and get the ideal tea tray to make your next tea party unforgettable.

Tea Trays

Tea trays offer functional and decorative benefits, making them a great practical gift. In Ashdene's expansive selection, you can find a tea tray that suits any design preference. So whether you like thriving florals or simple, elegant designs, you can choose the perfect tray for your kitchen or a thoughtful gift.

One of our most popular products comes from the Parisienne Pearl Collection. The tea trays feature a lovely pearlescent finish, delicate scalloped details, pastel color pallets, and gold detailing reminiscent of opulent sophistication.

These lovely tea trays are made from high-quality New Bone China and are available in aquamarine and buttermilk (pastel yellow) colors. They go very well with the Parisienne Pearl Teaware set, which consists of one teapot and two teacups.

Scatter Trays

Gifting a scatter tray can be a thoughtful and practical gesture for various occasions. For one, scatter trays make for a great housewarming gift since they can be used to organize small items like keys, loose change and jewelry. They are also an excellent present for a friend or family member who enjoys hosting guests, as scatter trays can serve appetizers or hold drinks.

In addition to their practical uses, scatter trays can be a stylish addition to any home decor. They come in various materials and are found in a range of designs to match any aesthetic. By giving a scatter tray to your loved ones, you are not only providing a functional item, but also a decorative piece that can enhance the recipient's home.

Sandwich Trays

If you plan on serving sandwiches for your tea party, you must present them on a platter worthy of everyone's attention. So pick from our selection and get the perfect sandwich tray for a memorable event.

Our most popular pick comes from the Red Poppies collection, which features illustrations by leading botanical artist Jenny Phillips.

Get the Highest Quality Tea Trays at Ashdene

Ashdene is the leading innovator and producer of homewares and teaware in Australia. For over 25 years, we have offered high-quality items with timeless designs that thousands of people have already enjoyed.

We are proud to work with many talented artists worldwide, showcasing their stunning works on our trays, cups, mugs, pots, and many more. 

Ashdene is widely regarded as the leading destination for teaware lovers in Australia and other countries. So, if you are looking for the best quality trays to add to your kitchen or want the perfect gift for your fellow tea enthusiasts, Ashdene is the only place to shop.