Sugar Bowls, Creamers and Sets by Ashdene

Discover elegant sugar bowls, creamers and sets at Ashdene, Australia’s go-to destination for premium-quality tableware, giftware and homeware. We take pride in our wide selection of creatively designed and meticulously crafted pieces. Whether you’re looking for a ceramic sugar bowl for daily use or a stylish sugar and creamer set for coffee gatherings, you’ll find It here.

Enhance the Serving Experience With a Sugar Bowl and Creamer Set

Sugar used for baking and cooking is typically stored in large, airtight containers with tight seals, such as kitchen canisters. However, sugar for coffee and tea needs to be in a more accessible and easier-to-use container.  

Sugar bowls and creamers are designed to make it easier to prepare and serve coffee, tea and other beverages that require either sugar or cream. With a sugar bowl and creamer set on your table, your guests can effortlessly adjust the sweetness and creaminess of their beverage according to their taste. Additionally, a sugar bowl and creamer set help keep the sugar dry and cream fresh.

Add Elegance to Your Table and Charm to Your Home Décor

Sugar bowl sets and individual pieces are available in various materials, designs and finishes. You can easily find ones that complement your table and enhance your décor.

A ceramic sugar bowl will do quite well for everyday use and casual gatherings. Meanwhile, for more formal occasions or if you want a more sophisticated option, consider pieces or sets in glass or bone china, like our Parisienne White Sugar Bowl. A sugar and creamer set also makes a lovely, thoughtful gift for a housewarming, wedding or other special occasions.

Choosing the Right Sugar and Creamer Set

Some sugar bowls are meant to hold granulated sugar. These often come with a slot for a small spoon. One example is our Honey Bee Glass Sugar Bowl With Spoon.

Others are designed to hold sugar cubes and may come with a small pair of tongs. Meanwhile, creamers can keep either cream or milk.

You can purchase bowls and creamers separately, or, for a seamless look, you can opt for a matching set. For instance, both pieces in our Parisienne Pearl Creamer & Sugar Bowl Set have a pearlescent finish, scalloped edges and gold detailing. A matching set creates harmony while adding a touch of elegance to a table setting.

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