Protecting your beautiful dining room table, desktop, or precious furniture is essential as a homeowner. Doing so can help spare you from repairs or replacement, and it will also preserve the quality of your wood, gleamy or glossy stone tabletops.

At Ashdene, we’re on a mission to help you safeguard your kitchen countertops and house furnishings to enhance their longevity. We offer a range of kitchen & tableware, trivets, placemats, and coasters to make this possible for your home.

Take a look at our unique designs featuring Australian flora and beauty, adorable animals, gemstones, and pastel colours that will add functional elegance to your home.

Trivets, Placemats and Coasters that Protect your Furnishing

Whether you’re hosting a party, enjoying a meal with your family and friends over the weekend, or wanting to take your kitchen aesthetic to the next level, consider elevating your dining experience with Ashdene’s trivets, placemats or coasters.

Enjoy your hot or cold drinks without tarnishing your marble tables with our trivet. It absorbs and prevents heat from penetrating the table so that your counters won’t get damaged. Remove hot dishes and meals straight from the oven without worrying about your wooden dining table with Ashdene’s trivet.

You can also enjoy your favourite cold beverage without leaving table marks or unsightly puddles underneath your glasses with Ashdene’s coasters. They’re designed to help save any of your tables from getting stained, discoloured, dented or scratched by frequent usage.

Our placemats are also here to complete your home furniture protection. You can avoid spending hours cleaning dining tables and keeping your kitchen counters free from food or water stains.

Add Fun and Sophistication to your Table Set-Up

Make your party tables or dining set aesthetically pleasing by adding placemats, coasters or trivets from Ashdene’s collection.

We have an array of options highlighting Australian beauty, lifestyle and scenery. They’re also carefully crafted and made durable, so they can stay with you for many wonderful and memorable years with friends and family.

Shop Ashdene and Show Some Love to your Kitchen Fixtures

Ready to protect your most treasured marble, stone, or mahogany table? Browse our trivet, placemat and coaster collection to see some of Australia’s most dashing placemats or coasters.