The Ultimate Collection of Mugs for Dog Lovers

If you love dogs and feel that words alone are not enough to express that love, then Paws & All is the perfect collection for you. 

Our paw print mug selection features a range of pieces adorned with stunning dog illustrations by Australian artist Michelle Jane Williamson. The intricate artwork captures the essence and personality of our furry friends, while the playful paw details add a touch of charm to each mug. 

High-Quality Paw Mug That Will Last Years

Dogs hold a special place in our hearts, and Ashdene has created a unique collection to pay tribute to our cuddly companions. The collection has been crafted with excellent attention to detail and the highest possible standards. Each cute dog mug in the collection is made with high-quality New Bone China, which guarantees a luxurious and elegant finish while making it durable and suitable for everyday use. 

To make things extra special, our mugs come in a gorgeous matching gift box that can serve multiple purposes. It can be used as a convenient storage option for your canine-inspired treasures or as a lovely presentation box if you are gifting the paw mug to someone special.

At Ashdene, we firmly believe you shouldn't have to settle for subpar products that don't meet your expectations. That's why we take great care in designing our mugs and gift boxes - not only to please your eyes but also to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. We strongly emphasise using high-quality materials and exceptional design, so you can be confident that our products are practical, long-lasting and affordable.

Broad Range of Lovable Options

The Paws & All collection features a wide range of dog breeds to help you find the perfect mug to honor your best friend, whether they are a sweet little Chihuahua or a majestic German Shepherd. Michelle Jane Williamson's mesmerising and imaginative illustrations masterfully showcase each breed's spirit and unique quality.

Express Your Love

The Paws & All collection is a beautiful testament to our love for dogs. It is the ideal way to start your day with your favorite hot beverage as you admire the stunning illustrations that capture the endearing essence of our canine companions. Whether you are sipping a steaming cup of coffee or enjoying some herbal tea, your paw print mug will surely enhance the entire experience. It’s also perfect for families and friends who share your admiration for these lovable creatures. Imagine the joy of serving your guests with handpicked mugs that reflect their favorite dog breeds!

Excellent Gift to Friends and Family

These mugs add a magical touch to your collection and make great gifts for special occasions or simply as a token of appreciation. Why not put a smile on the face of the dog lover in your life by gifting them a mug with a dog picture and sharing your love for these furry creatures?

Order Your Paw Print Mug Today

Express your love for our furry friends while making a fashionable statement with our Paws & All collection. Take a look at our irresistible pieces and find the ideal companion for your morning coffee, afternoon tea or evening hot cocoa - all with a touch of doggie devotion!