Whether you’re committed to living a sustainable lifestyle or simply want the convenience of having a bottle on hand whenever you step out of the house, an Ashdene drink bottle will serve you well. We proudly present our line of reusable drink bottles featuring beautiful, colourful illustrations by artists from Australia and around the world.

If you are looking for reusable, hot and cold drink bottles in Australia, we have many suitable options for you.

Eye-Catching And Convenient Drink Bottles From Australia

Each Ashdene water bottle showcases a beautiful piece of artwork from its neck to the base. We’ve chosen the works of many talented artists and painters, including Heidi Willis, Richard Macneil, Jacqueline Coates and Natalie Jane Parker. Their illustrations range from landscapes, to people at work, to flora and fauna.

Colourful and eye-catching, these works of art are beautifully rendered onto our stainless steel water bottles. They show the intricate details and brushstrokes that reveal each artist’s technique and undeniable skill. You’ll be proud to be seen carrying this reusable water bottle from Australia.

Carrying an Ashdene drink bottle is like taking a piece of art with you wherever you go. Besides, with its portable size, high-quality materials and stunning illustration, you wouldn’t want to hide your Ashdene water bottle in your bag.

Hot and Cold Water Bottles You Can Use All Year

Apart from their attractive designs, our drink bottles are a must-have because of their thermal quality. They are made of stainless steel with leak-proof silicone on the lids and can keep hot drinks warm for 12 hours and chilled beverages cold for up to 16 hours.

The volume capacity is 500ml – the perfect size for a water bottle in Australia, where summers can be scorching, and winter temperatures sometimes go below zero. Our reusable drink bottles are a must-have if you spend a lot of time outdoors or in places where iced drinks or hot coffee aren’t always available. Whatever beverage you prefer, these bottles will keep it hot or cold all day.

All of our 500ml stainless steel bottles are phthalate and BPA free, which means they are safe to use as often and as long as you like. Each bottle also comes with a custom-designed tube packaging that you can reuse as storage for pens or keepsakes.

An Ashdene drink bottle can last for years with proper care and handling. Browse our products and choose an illustration that speaks to you or matches your lifestyle the most.