Gardening Sets in Australia

Gardening does wonders for the soul. Being connected with nature is a beautiful experience as it grounds us to the present, allowing us to appreciate all the little things around us. Aside from that, gardening also gives physical and mental benefits.

All the weeding, pulling and digging provides opportunities for exercise, while the relaxing quality of nature has a meditating effect on the mind.

However, you must have the right tools to perform gardening tasks effectively. If you are looking for a garden tool kit for yourself or your loved ones, you will find the perfect present in our Garden Oasis collection. Here's what we have in store:

Mini Gardening Kit

The Garden Oasis mini-tool kit has everything you need in the garden, which includes a tool bag, trowel, rake and transplanter, all in convenient mini sizes. This is among the perfect gardening gifts for a budding gardener.

Gardening Apron

If you are looking for a functional and stylish gardening apron in Australia, you will surely like the one in our collection. Our full-body apron features lush greenery and sweet floral prints. It has a loop neck strap with tie-up waist straps. You can ensure your clothes will stay 100 percent free from dirt while working in the garden.


For avid gardeners, dirty clothes are expected when working with plants. Still, some added protection won't hurt. Keep your pants dirt-free and your knees comfortable with our Garden Oases Kneeling Cushion. It features a gorgeous floral design and is made from soft cotton canvas.

Garden Tool Set

Our gardening tool set includes one gardening trowel and one gardening fork. The tools are made with metal and a sustainably-sourced Ashwood handle. Plus, it comes in a beautifully packaged matching gift box.

Gardening Hat and Gloves

Our gardening gloves have anti-slip grips, making them great for handling tools. It's also made from breathable cotton canvas, ensuring comfortable wear. On the other hand, our gardening hat has a wide brim which keeps the face covered while working in the sun.

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