Christmas Tableware

Do you want to make your holiday celebrations even more special? Our Christmas tableware and dinnerware collection is the perfect way to create an inviting atmosphere for your loved ones during this magical time of year. We've carefully selected a range of festive pieces that will add a celebratory touch to your gatherings and make your Christmas dinners even more unforgettable.

Your One-Stop Shop for Christmas Tableware and Christmas Dinnerware

Our carefully chosen assortment of Christmas tableware and Christmas dinnerware is intended to bring elegance and allure to your holiday gatherings. Whether you're holding a cozy family dinner or a lavish holiday bash, our pieces will set the ideal mood for your festivities. Our line features a range of options to fit your taste, from intricately designed Christmas plates adorned with festive patterns to stylish serving platters that beautifully present your culinary creations. Every piece is crafted meticulously, guaranteeing that your table perfectly captures the season's essence.

Shop Our Placemats & Festive Christmas Coasters

Create a festive atmosphere at the dinner table while keeping your countertops protected with our beautiful Christmas coasters. These items will protect surfaces from water rings and spills while also serving as charming decorations. The designs are inspired by classic Christmas imagery and crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and style. We carry a wide range of designs, so you can indeed find the perfect items that will complement your decor.

Discover Our Christmas Glasses

Make your holiday toasts extra special with our wonderful collection of Christmas glasses. Whether you prefer eggnog, mulled wine, or other festive cocktails, our elegantly designed Christmas glasses will surely make your toasts even more memorable.

Complete your festive table setting with our Christmas placemats, which combine beauty and practicality. They feature vibrant imagery inspired by the holiday season and create a special touch to your Christmas dinner decor. Not only do these placemats look great, but they also protect your table, making cleanup a breeze.

Make This Christmas Unforgettable with Ashdene

Let Ashdene become your go-to destination for enhancing your Christmas festivities. Discover our charming assortment of homewares to help you create a delightful holiday atmosphere. So, go on and make this Christmas a memory to cherish forever.

It’s time to browse our collection and transform your holiday table into a magical wonderland. Spread the joy, warmth, and love of Christmas with us today!