Surprise and Delight a Loved One With Greeting Cards 

Communication via modern means, such as emails and texts, might be fast and convenient. However, they don’t inspire the joy and nostalgia that receiving and gifting a physical greeting card does.

A greeting card evokes memories of a gentler, slower past when people took the time to write meaningful birthday felicitations, wedding well-wishes, and holiday greetings to loved ones. 

Finding a beautiful greeting card in the mail among flyers and bills instantly uplifts the spirit. On the other hand, sending one allows you to give your loved ones the same kind of joy, even more so if the greeting cards you send feature stunning art that transforms them from pieces of paper into priceless keepsakes. 

A single greeting card with a personalized, handwritten message is a thoughtful gift for any occasion. Meanwhile, a set of greeting cards makes a practical and beautiful present to someone who shares a love for the old way of communicating and sending goodwill. 

If you are looking for gift cards in Australia, turn to Ashdene. We take pride in offering gift card sets that make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Our carefully curated collections include the following:

The Red Poppies Collection

Featuring the work of botanical artist Jenny Phillips, this set of ten blank greeting cards and ten red envelopes is designed to commemorate the sacrifice of Australians who have died in war.

The beautifully illustrated red poppies on each card are a timeless symbol of peace, remembrance, and hope for a better future. A portion of each sale of the Red Poppies Gift Card Set goes to the Australian War Memorial.

The Matilda Collection

Brighten up a nature-lover’s day with this set of ten cards and envelopes from the Matilda Collection. Artist and textile designer Chris Chun showcases Australian fauna and fauna in the tapestry-like art on each card, which is available in four stunning colourways.

The Butterfly Heliconia Collection

Illustrator Catalina Estrada’s artwork, showcased in the Butterfly Heliconia Collection gift card set, is uniquely vibrant, cheerful, and pulsing with life. Each set includes ten cards featuring five different designs and ten matching envelopes packaged in a beautiful box, all ready for gifting.

The Chinoiserie Collection

Evocative of spring garden parties and summers spent exploring the woods, the artwork in the Chinoiserie Collection gift card set is a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western influences. Pastel pinks and greens are accented with gold, giving each card a luxurious look and feel. 

Beautifully Designed Gift Cards and Products for Your Home

For more than 25 years, Ashdene has been helping its customers add beauty and colour to their homes. Apart from greeting cards, we offer teaware, homeware, stationery, and giftware in timelessly attractive designs. 

Our collections feature work from renowned and up-and-coming artists, making each piece a thing of unique beauty. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself, look no further than Ashdene.